202PCP Hot Dog Push Cart Deluxe (Propane)
$ 3,380.00

  • Constructed in fiberglass, stainless steel and aluminum.- Insulated cooler for 140 sodas.
  • Two stainless steel pans, NSF approved.
  • Cooler for 200 sausages.
  • Compartment for approx. 80 hot dog buns.
  • Additional storage inside cart, with lock door.
  • Small hand sink with pump.
  • Umbrella included.
  • Two tires with 3.25X8 inner tubes and one small swivel front wheel.

* New model does not have front table and trash bin as seen in some of the pictures. It has the propane gas  fiberglass cover as seen in the bottom picture allowing more storage inside cart, Also the color scheme is bottom red and top white. Please review the two bottom pictures.


  • H: 36"
  • L: 54"
  • W: 36"

Net weight: 124 Lbs

Max cargo capacity: 264lbs

Size : 60.599 Kb
Type : JPG
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