502PC Draft Beer Push Cart
$ 4,150.00    

Ice refrigeration system   

  • Made of fiberglass, stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Insulated compartment for coil and ice. 
  • Compartment for 50liter /13Gallon KEG. (KEG not included) 2.5lbs capacity CO2 cylinder (not included – available for $140) accommodates larger size cylinders.
  • Set of manometers, max pressure 3 bar.
  • Flow control faucet
  • Out put capacity – 330 x 300ml glasses/hr Umbrella included. 
  • Cup dispenser. Coil: 12,7mm x 35mm, AISI 304 x 0.7mm, In/Out Line 01.01 
  • Connection gauge BSP/G5/8I inch. 
  • 02 Tires with inner tube 3,25x8. 
  • Front wheel with inner tube 200x55.      

This unique concept for commercializing beer makes ice-cold beer available to the consumer in open areas such as events at the beach, poolside at resorts, stadiums, etc. Ice refrigeration gives cart total mobility, no electricity necessary.    


  • H: 45in / 1143mm 
  • W: 35in / 889mm L: 58in / 1473mm 
  • Net weight: 150lbs /68kg      

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