510 PC Lemonade Push Cart
 $ 3,690.00



  •             Constructed in fiberglass, stainless steel and aluminum, beautiful design with rounded front.
  •            One large insulated cooler for 100lbs of ice, 150 cans of soda drinks, etc. Excellent for canned or bottled drinks as well.
  •            Working area 17” x 20”.
  •            Additional storage inside cart, back door with key lock.
  •            Small hand sink with pump optional.
  •            Cup dispenser optional.
  •            Two back tires with 3.25X8 inner tubes and two small swivel front wheels.
  •             Matching umbrella included.
  •             Lemonade Cart comes with Manual Lemon Squeezer.



  • L: 58”
  • W: 53”
  • H: 45”
  • Weight: 120lbs


Copy of dims round cart schem.JPG Copy of dims round cart schem.JPG
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