Custom Carts/ Additions/ Optionals 

Q - Can you customize a cart?
A - Yes, in various different ways. (Prices are for standard carts with immediate shipping for those in stock).

  • Colors: Certain carts are usually available in these standard colors: Hot Dog in red / Coconut in green / Lemonade in yellow / Shaved Ice in white / Draft Beer in white. It is possible to do a customized color at no additional cost with 2-3 months waiting period. Color rush service is an additional $500.
  • Cooking apparatus: Basic models can have different cooking apparatus added to them, thus adapting to a specific need.
  • Logos: we can add logos for a small additional cost, usually $120-$180 depending on the size of the logos. Please have Vector files available to email.
  • Optional: If you need additional sinks or hot/cold water installation on carts, it can be added depending on cart size permitting and additional cost for parts and labor.
  • Unique Carts: If you have a business and you want a unique cart created specifically for you, we have a wonderful team with years of experience. Custom order projects vary.

Please request an estimate. If you decide to move forward, a project fee may be applicable.


Ice Cream Carts:

Q - How long does it hold the cold temperatures?
A - Small Ice Cream Carts with cold plates depend on how hot the day is, how often you open the doors and amount of frozen novelty items stored.

Q - Do I need a freezer?
A - If you are working with soft serve, YES! You will need an additional inverter kit (inverter plus car battery charger $500) to have a working freezer while mobile.


Q - What kind of assembly effort is involved to have my cart ready to go?
A - In general there is a minor assembly effort

  • Push Carts - minor assembly
  • Tow Carts - chassis assembly require basic tools. (Picture instructions available).
  • Tricycle Carts - Bicycle frame assembly required. (Picture instructions available).



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